Brodie's Ordeal

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Brodie showed some improvement over the next month but then became worse again.
He had a horrific bloody nose one night that covered my bathroom in blood.
Brodie didn't want to play anymore and was heading downhill again.

We went back to WSU on September 13th (a Friday of course) for another fungal treatment.
Brodie was under anesthesia for 1-3/4 hours. Dr. Gokhale came out and gave me the bad news.
There was so much destruction in his nose and evidence of a possible foreign body that could not be removed.
They receommended sinus surgery to clean out his nose and then more fungal treatments
through surgically placed infusion tubes through his frontal sinuses
We went home with Brodie still feeeling badly.

A few nights before our third trip to WSU, I took Brodie and Venus to the Picture People Photo Studio.
He had a burst of energy and hammed it up for the camera.


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