Brodie and Venus' Yard

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"The Doggie Ramp that Brodie built"!

Our old yard

Our old yard

Our old patio

At the bottom of the ramp

DreamTurf to the rescue!!!
The new lawn that will be installed is the same
grass that the Seahawks and Huskies have!

Tearing up the old lawn

The old lawn is all gone

Weed fabric is laid out and crushed rock is spread on top of that

It's ready for the Field Turf

Venus wonders where her lawn went

The Field Turf comes in 15 foot rolls

This machine cuts the Field Turf and makes the blades of grass

The next step is to spread about 9 tons of rubber and white sand on the Field Turf

It took over a day to spread all the rubber and sand

Then came the Bark Blowers

Brodie and Venus' play area is set up at the bottom of the ramp...
check out the flagstone pathway

The new flagstone patio

Brodie and Venus love their new lawn!

Brodie is really loving it!

Venus catches some rays...
Her allergies are dramatically reduced now!

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